Top It Off

The above are my jewels, treasures, trinkets, odds and ends I have collected over the years. As per readers’ requests I have put together this curated look at my collection as well as my take on accessorizing. My Top Five Rules for Accessorizing: 1. Accessories don’t always have to complete or compliment the outfit, they can often be the outfit. 2. Play with proportions– mix a statement necklace with multiple delicate necklaces or one large, chunky bangle with a handful of thin ones to create depth. 3. To build a collection that is well rounded, accumulate pieces, don’t simply buy out of need. Also remember that accessories can be more versatile than you think- your favorite brooch may become your favorite necklace or your staple necklace could become your new accent bracelet. 4. Invest in the classics. Even if you are an of-the-moment trend dresser, invest in a few key accessories that can be the base to many looks in your closet. 5. Remember these are my rules…so have fun and create your own fabulous set. xo BEE