BLAIR EADIE WEDDING ENGAGEMENT DRESSItBrides NY-Blair_NOGAL-02_LOWRESBLAIR EADIE WEDDING DRESS ENGAGEMENT PHOTOSItBrides NY-Blair_NOGAL-05_LOWRESItBrides NY-Blair_NEPAL-03_LOWRESItBrides NY-Blair_NEPAL-05_LOWRESItBrides NY-Blair_NUK_01_LOWRESBLAIR EADIE ATLANTIC PACIFIC BLOG WEDDINGItBrides NY-Blair_NENUFAR-02_LOWRESWith the help of Pronovias I went in search of the perfect wedding dress with NYC as the dramatic background. I am excited today to share some of my favorites! Thank you to Pronovias for partnering on this and making me one of your #PronoviasItBrides!
Dress One // Albasari
Dress Two // Nogal
Dress Three // Nepal
Dress Four // Nuk
Dress Five // Nenufar