Atlantic-Pacific // ASOS salon picks
Atlantic-Pacific // ASOS salon picksAtlantic-Pacific // ASOS salon picks
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ASOS has always been a site I love to scour for interesting pieces, specifically feminine, detailed dresses. The site, at times, can be overwhelming with so many styles and brands. I typically hunt through new arrivals a few times a week (usually while winding down for the day watching Law & Order) as well as always eye when ASOS Salon new styles hit the site. Salon is a subset within ASOS Collection that is typically made up of flirty dresses that have hints of embellishment, lace and/or bows. You can see some of the past favorites I have worn here, here and here! Today I was excited to see ASOS release a few new Salon styles – the four above being my favorites.  In fact, I just ordered the yellow lace halter dress, relaxed fit sheer embroidered shift and backless green number. You can shop the full collection here!