Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXEVolumizing Hot Rollers LUXE
Rollers: T3 Volumizing hot rollers luxe. PJs: PJ Salvage. Sandals: Tory Burch (in 10 colors, also love the stripe ones). Lips: Stila Beso. Sunglasses: Celine.

Lately, I have traded my curling wand in favor of T3 hot rollers. I have found my hair not only holds curls for longer, but also feels healthier – less harsh heat and less touch ups! While hot rollers are generally straight forward to use, below I am sharing five of my personal tips and tricks. These have been helpful for me and I’m hoping they will be of help to you as well. Happy rolling!

  1. Prepare your hair. Always be sure to use heat protectant and styling mousse prior to setting your hair, and also ensure your hair is fully dried prior to using your rollers. Since hot rollers give hair a lot more volume, you will not need to use quite as much mousse, and can skip using hair spray (or opt to go light) as your final touch.
  2. Practice your direction. The curls in your hair will set quite differently depending on the direction you choose to set the rollers. For more uniform curls, ensure all rollers are parallel to one another, and for more loose, wild curls, switch and vary the alignment of the rollers. You will also want to consider if you want your curls to flow back away from your face, or toward the front. This will help you to decide which direction in which to roll. Lastly, setting rollers vertically will give a more modern, loose curl, while setting horizontal will give a more voluminous, retro curl.
  3. Start from the middle. Starting to wrap hair from the ends can create curls that end up too tight and precious. Beginning to wrap from the middle of a strand, or even from the top, will allow the ends to more loosely wrap around the roller. This will achieve a soft and effortless look!
  4. Take your time. Always ensure your curls fully set! 15-20 minutes is a typical time for the rollers to sit. While this may seem like a while, make use of this new found time. You are hands free, so it’s easy to tend to email, make breakfast, etc. In the end, it can actually save you time in comparison to using a wand.
  5. Finish with a touch. For a looser look, run your fingers through your hair or use a wide tooth comb. Using a brush tends to make hair look too uniform and neat. As mentioned, give your hair a break and skip the hair spray. If it is a particularly humid day, try using a humidity blocking finish with texturizer.
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