I adore the femininity of wearing bows, particularly when the weather starts to warm. Putting your hair up with a bow is a quick, no-brainer style secret. But, adding bows to unexpected places in your Spring and Summer outfits can also be a graceful way to bring a touch of charm to any ensemble. In my previous bow looks, there doesn’t seem to be a particular pattern or any general rules of wearing, and that is precisely the idea! For example, I have worn a more buttoned-up and classic bow outfit here, a belted and shouldered bow combination here, and a more dramatic sleeve bow look here. The only constant are the bows themselves, and the hint of elegance and polish they add in wrapping each outfit together (no pun intended!). The pastel collage below, featuring ten of my current favorite bow items, reflects more of the same whimsical approach. My hope is to inspire you to add a bow, or two, to your new warm weather looks this season. Shop below for details!

bows bows bows

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