The second installment of summer dress week focuses entirely on rainbow colors. I’ve never been shy in choosing color in my dress choices. When the temperatures rise in the summer season, I tend to amp up the hues in my wardrobe, often gravitating towards more primary rainbow colors. Today’s outfit post is a primary example – no pun intended. While there are only seven colors in the rainbow to choose from, there are seemingly infinite shades in between. The collage below expresses my love for rainbow colors while showcasing a few of my favorite new summer dress picks. I hope you will be inspired to inject some new bright and bold colors into your dress wardrobe this summer season! Shop away below…

rainbow colors

Row One:  one //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

Row Two:  one //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

Row Three:  one //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

Row Four:  one //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

Row Five:  one //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven