TRAVEL STYLEChic accessories for travel can be such a fun and feminine alternative to the more standard and utilitarian gear that floods the market today. Throwback shapes and luxurious fabrics bring a nostalgic feeling, while new hues and updated construction offer a more modern take and convenience. I often see older travel pictures and am taken aback by the time, effort, and pride that went into traveling back in the day. Technology has certainly disrupted and changed everything now, but there is still something so elegant and romantic about those scenes. Everything appears so considered and polished, and nobody seems to be in a rush (or traveling lightly!). Admittedly, some of these items aren’t the most practical or affordable, but sometimes that’s what makes them all the more charming, enjoyable, and memorable. See below for a few of my favorite chic accessories for traveling in style.

chic accessories atlantic pacificone // Steamline has always been in heavy rotation for me. They make the perfect travel companion for a roadtrip or weekend getaway. I am in love with the blush hue for summer but also adore thisĀ white version.

two // When I was living in San Francisco I first met Shilpa and Karla, and quickly fell in love with their energy and brand, Cuyana. Cuyana makes so many amazing products but the cosmetic cases have to be top of my list (and can also be monogrammed).

three // A floral luggage tag is a fun finishing touch on your checked luggage!

four // When Freya reached out about a new product they were creating I knew I had to test it out. This hat box is everything. It is large enough for even my most oversized hats, and manufactured with the most luxe materials and great attention to detail.

five // I don’t travel lightly, and that means not cutting corners on accessorizing while on the road. This adorable jewelry case is the perfect size and shape for all of my favorite jewels. It is available in five beautiful colors.

six // Cuyana for the win, again! I love a comfy oversized wrap for on-the-go, and it doesn’t get much better thanĀ this blush baby alpaca beauty.



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