Atlantic Pacific // Torytrack Smartwatch Tory BurchEverybody has a busy life, and mine is no different. Today, with the help of the new ToryTrack Hybrid Smartwatch, I am sharing a sneak peek into my day-to-day. I am always on the run, and this watch provides such an elegant way to stay connected. It’s fashion-first, and classic, updated with all the smart features you need. Scroll to see and learn more about all the amazing benefits this watch provides.
Tory Burch Sport Stripes Tory Burch Blair Eadie8 AM // I need to exercise in the morning to jump start my day. I love running on the waterfront and taking in the New York City skyline. The ToryTrack App connects my phone directly to my watch and allows me to track my activity – from steps, to miles, to calories burned!Atlantic Pacific Blog 9:30 AM // Jumping on the subway to head into the city. My day is already fully planned, so I use my time underground to relax, listen to music, and be stress-free. The customizable buttons allow me to control my music right from my wrist to easily access my favorite playlists. Atlantic Pacific Tory Burch Atlantic Pacific10:30 AM // Time for a quick morning meeting over coffee. I can’t stand constant buzzing or distractions, so I love that I can turn off notifications in the ToryTrack App so I’m not interrupted. This truly makes my day-to-day routine easier. Atlantic Pacific Tory Burch Flatiron11:30 // Walking to my next appointment. I love the look and feel of this watch, its classic style works anywhere, anytime. Timing is everything. I’ve just been notified that my flight this afternoon has been delayed. That feature is a lifesaver!
Atlantic Pacific 1:45 PM // Back home and catching up on email. I’ve been updated throughout the morning so I fell caught up already. Usually I would have to recharge a device at this point in the day, but the ToryTrack comes with a standard coin cell battery that lasts up to five months! ToryTrack Watch 3:00 PM // Packing up for my next adventure overseas! The minute I land, the watch connects to my phone and auto adjusts to the current time zone. A second time zone can be set up as well, so with the touch of a button, so I feel like I am already quickly adjusted!Atlantic Pacific // Tory Burch TravelAtlantic Pacific // Tory Burch Travel Thank you to Tory Burch for partnering on this post! Click here to learn more about the ToryTrack Smartwatch and sign up for updates.