I’m adoring all of the rainbow fashion inspired pieces available in the market (as seen in a recent post here). Vivid color palettes mixed with stripes is right up my alley! This trend made headlines a few years back with the now infamous striped Gucci sweater. I was immediately on board. Check out this pleated skirt post from almost exactly one year ago, and this more casual pink blazer post from nearly two years ago! I’ve certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of my favorite multicolored sweater! This rainbow fashion trend certainly has bright staying power through winter, and will continue to provide the perfect pick-me-up under a coat in the cold or front and center for your warm weather getaways. There is a full spectrum of punchy pieces available, from apparel to accessories to shoes. I love color, stripes, and having fun with my looks, and the below twelve pieces are a vibrant reflection of my often quirky sense of style. It’s truly amazing how much a little (or a lot of) of multicolor can change your mood and outlook. Click below for details of all of these pieces!

Rainbow fashion atlantic-pacific

Row One  //  sparkle stripe sweater dress  //  rainbow iphone case  //  gummy-bear ornaments

Row Two  //  rainbow striped bag  //  statement drop earrings  //  multicolor dot tote

Row Three  //  striped midi skirt  //  multi stone stud earrings  //  sparkle stripe sweater

Row Four  //  square stripe sunnies  //  sequin stripe bag  //  colored pompom stilettos