cozy season atlantic pacificTis’ the season to run around like mad and feel like you have nothing to wear! Kidding, kind of. During the holiday season, I have a lot of those days when I need to throw on something quick, comfortable, and casual in order get just one of about a million things accomplished. Above are some of my favorite go-to items for such glamorous occasions!

one // Aether makes some of the best cold weather gear and this sweatshirt is my current favorite of theirs. It is an extremely soft knit body complete with a down collar that too seriously cozy. Why don’t all sweatshirts have this?!

two // Patagonia vests are my layering staple when it comes to casual cold weather dressing. During the early winter months in NYC I am typically running around in a knit or fleece vest, but come Jan/Feb it’s time for down.

three // An alternate to your typically day-to-day hoodie, this sweater knit option feels a bit more polished. I also love the bright blue hue.

four // I know, I know, I have most certainly talked about these way too much already, but I absolutely love my spanx leggings.  They are ideal for casual errands around the city. I also tend to wear them under my longer dresses and skirts in the winter months for extra warmth.

five // In terms of athletic leggings I typically stick to Outdoor Voices and Nike. Offered in neutral colors, this Nike pair is my current favorite being both comfortable and flattering.

six // When looking for something ultra comfortable, but not as constricting or performance driven, knit joggers are the way to go!

seven // For kicking around, I’ve always loved the Superstar by Adidas. The velvet trim makes such a fun update to one of the most classic sneakers of all-time.

eight // I’ve had a few iterations of the Nike Free sneakers, and these are the best yet. They are unbelievably lightweight, and the sock liner provides so much comfort.

nine // Everyone needs a slip-on sneaker in their closet. The bumped up platform sole makes these just a bit more sporty and chic compared to your traditional slip-on.