FACE // I have talked about this serum quite a bit in the past. During the winter months in particular, I rely heavily on this oil elixir to regenerate and soothe my skin. I love to apply it at night before bed to keep my skin moisturized. Bonus points: It smells like roses!

HANDS // Speaking of roses, Lano’s triple lanolin and rose oil blend hand cream is magical! I keep it in my bag at all times and reapply throughout the day as soon as I wash my hands.

GLOW // This is hands down one of my favorite winter beauty products. I am already of light complexion so when winter rolls around I need as much help as I can get for a healthy glow. These exfoliating self-tanning pads are also completely streak-free.

CLEANSE // Tata Harper has found its way into my beauty routine and is here to stay! This non foaming cleanser provides an ultra gentle exfoliation that minimizes the appearance of pores. The regenerating cleanser keeps my skin from not drying out in the winter months.

HYDRATE // When my face needs a little moisture boost in the morning to help tone, this hydrating mist is my go-to. The coconut water base is rose scented (sense a theme here yet?) and perfect for travel as it helps reduce redness and inflammation.

winter beauty productsMy top 5 Winter Beauty Products:  face  //  hands  //  glow  //  cleanse  //  hydrate