Highlighting some of my favorite sunglasses under $100 (and quite a few under $10)! If you have been following Atlantic-Pacific for any amount of time you are well aware that sunglasses are a signature component in all of my outfits. They serve as that perfect finishing touch – and oftentimes make the entire look.

Wearing pink and red together has long been one of my favorite color combos (see post here), which inspired my top row of picks. Dreaming of warm weather inspired the next few rows. From my recent obsession with golden colors (see post here), to an of-the-moment oval shape in mint, more classic round shapes and match-with-anything tortoise frames, the middle eight picks are all getaway approved. Tortoise frames in particular are lifesavers when traveling (they match with nearly everything), and oftentimes making packing less stressful. Lastly, all black frames in classic as well as updated shapes. Sometimes the best way to try a new shape is to start with a pair at a low price point before considering investing in a long-lasting, more expensive pair.

best sunglasses under 100 Blair Eadie

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