This time of year, a bright topper is the easiest way to add color to an otherwise neutral look. The image above is from a Tory Burch post from March of 2016, and ended up being one of my favorites of the year.

Question: Do you like interior design? Would you consider having a proper section on your site about home decoration?

Answer: While fashion has always been far and away my largest passion, I do find myself having new and varied hobbies as I get older and enter into different stages in life. I think that is just natural! So, interior design and finding my own style of decorating have indeed been growing interests of mine. I actually purchased a vacation home last year and am currently in the renovation process. I have toyed with the idea of sharing some of the final results on the site, but have not made any final decisions. Atlantic-Pacific will always be a destination for fashion and I do not want to try to become everything to everyone. It’s much more important to me to stick to my strengths and have a unique point of view and defined voice. I may end up sharing a piece of my final home results, but have no intention of branching into interior design or lifestyle on the site.


Speaking of bright coats, take a look at this beauty. The wool blend, longer silhouette, and faux fur trimmed hood, make it super functional (P.S. – I love a cozy hood) AND it is available in quite the color range – from neutrals to the more unexpected.

j.crew bright coat

“Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to tell you yes.” – Eleanor Roosevelt