parisian pink


Sometimes I will put on an outfit and then begin to think ‘I don’t believe this is really blog-worthy’. I remember loving this look (from March of last year) but thinking it was too similar to an outfit I had worn earlier in the month. Looking back I am glad it made the site as it has grown to be one of my favorites! Hey, I like what I like!

Question: How days of the week do you shoot for your blog? How long does a shoot take?

Answer: I typically shoot five days per week, but if my schedule is busier than normal, or I have a bigger campaign due, I can end up shooting every day. I don’t take all of my outfit photos at once, as I typically like to shoot what I actually wear each day (yes, this is really how I dress!). I also take pride in finding and shooting in new and different locations around the city as it makes everything more fun and I believe leads to better content. Depending on the weather, light, and travel time, believe it or not, a normal shoot can take up to three or four hours. Other times, it can be a breeze and only take about 30 minutes! I can be unbelievably picky about what looks that I post and will usually scrap at least one entire look/shoot per week if I don’t feel like it is up to par. It’s funny to think there are hundreds of my outfits that have never seen the light of day!


You know I lovveeee a good skirt. This pink A-line beauty with its tiered layers is to die for and is sitting at the top of my list for spring!

milly skirt atlantic-pacific

“Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got” – Robert Brault