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A look back at this post from November of 2016. I’m wearing ALL of the things and loving it! This sweater was a splurge purchase earlier in that year, and despite being a statement piece, has gotten quite the wear. Check it out here, here, and here!

Question: I noticed that you are in Paris. I will be visiting in a few weeks and wondered if you had any food recommendations?

Answer: I don’t consider myself a foodie, or nearly an expert when it comes to Paris, but here are just a few suggestions based on my recent experiences. Le Mary Celeste in northern part of Le Marais has fantastic small plates to share and the drinks are amazing – it’s been a go-to spot on my last few Paris trips. The Mamma restaurants are all really great – in fact I went to East Mamma a few nights ago for late night Italian. Frenchie is incredible (and so highly reviewed), but I would suggest eating across the street at Frenchie Wine Bar instead for a more relaxed vibe and a la carte menu, or Frenchie To Go for a quick breakfast sandwich (they are so good!) before starting your day. Clamato (Septime’s sister restaurant) is still on my list for this trip and I can’t wait to try it. For cocktails I would suggest Sherry Butt or the Experimental Cocktail Club. The Hoxton Hotel is beautiful and also has a lively bar scene. Ten Belles for coffee and pastries (there are now a few locations) and if you are wandering the Montmartre neighborhood, you must stop at the Coquelicot Bakery for a treat!


I am a total sunglass freak! I’m loving a new line out of Brazil called Lapima. I’ve just ordered this Carlotta style, only in Blue!

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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple” – Dr. Seuss