This shot was from one of my first trips out to the Hamptons. There is something so magical about escaping the city and heading out east during the summers!

Question: When starting your blog and instagram account what types of goals did you set? What advice do you have around goal setting for people starting now?

Answer: When I first started my site I did set a number of goals. All of my goals were around consistency in posting, differentiated content, and learning news skills. At the time, I was trying to tackle how to set up and code a website template, learn more about photography, and simply just get in the habit of posting regularly while still working 55+ hours a week! While I think it is great to set goals that may be tied to traffic, followers, or monetary gain, those are all hard to predict and difficult to control. I believe the most productive and actionable goals when starting out should be about you, your content, and your learning – pushing yourself to think differently and try new things.


I have always been such a gingham gal. This dress (at only $109) definitely caught my eye this week. So did this $46 black and white gingham cardigan. In fact, I just ordered it!

“Leadership is action, not position.” – Donald H. McGannon