I love dressing up to travel and this look has to be one of my favorites. Speaking of travel, I am so excited to be heading to Savannah, Charleston, and Cartagena in the next few weeks to kick off spring!

Question: Thank you for your recent FAQ about your personal journal through blogging. In it you mention that there were hard times. What were those hard times (professionally, not personally) and how did you responded and get to a better place?

Answer: The things I have struggled with the most professionally have centered around work-life balance and the emotional toll that blogging can sometimes take. Having a blog/IG feed that is such a part of your livelihood oftentimes makes you feel like you can never turn off. The internet never sleeps, right? Blogging, and what it means to be an influencer, has also continued to change at lightning speed with new apps and platforms being introduced, the growth of real-time sharing through snapchat and IG stories, the rise in the trend to incorporate travel, and so much more. While it is all very, very exciting, sometimes it feels never ending. Some of the toughest times have been when I have found myself far too wrapped up in creating content, constantly being on my phone/computer and forgetting to take a step back. What has helped me get to a better place has been stepping back from the day to day for a moment, resetting goals and priorities, and creating boundaries around when I should be on my phone, computer, or creating content, and when I need to enjoy the moment and be engaged with friends, family and non social media/blogging activities. 

spring blazer


This spring blazer is currently at the top of my list! Lightweight linen with subtle stripes, and the perfect length!

“One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.” – Sidney Howard