stripes on stripes


Never not wearing stripes! This long sleeve bathing suit (worn here in August of 2016) is still one of my favorites. Can’t wait for the warmer weather!

Question: I know you shared your camera equipment, but who actually takes your photos? I have a hard time finding someone I trust on a regular basis and I don’t have a budget to hire someone!

Answer: I am very lucky that my fiancé has been with me since the beginning of Atlantic-Pacific (2018 actually marks 10 years together)! He takes 95% of my photos, but to be honest, neither of us knew too much about photography when we started. We learned together by researching online and watching lots and lots of instructional videos! When my fiancé isn’t available able to help, my younger brother (who is a graphic designer that went to SCAD) steps in. And, in true brotherly fashion, usually has some interesting commentary on my outfits. In the past I have also been so fortunate to work with a number of professionals including Jeff Thibodeau, Bess Friday, Lydia Hudgens, and Shannon Kirsten! In the past, when I was in a pinch, I also asked my mom, co-workers (hey Old Navy peeps!) and various friends for help! It can be really, really stressful to find someone to assist, particularly when you are first starting out. Luckily, my friends and family knew how much this site meant to me and were happy to help when they could. Whenever I was asking for help from others, I always made sure to choose a time and location based on their schedules, was never late, and had a clear vision about the shots I needed. Even if I couldn’t afford to pay anyone (in the beginning I didn’t make any money from the blog), I would find ways to try and repay people with favors, paying for happy hour drinks, etc. The good old days!


This new rugby shirtdress just hit in three colors and I have already pre-ordered two of them! The shirt option is also completely adorable!

j.crew rugby dress

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else.” – Ivern Ball

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