I am looking forward to sitting outside at my favorite NYC cafes soon, but for now we are hunting for warmer weather down in Savannah!

Question: What made you make the leap and leave corporate fashion and merchandising?

Answer: There were a lot of different factors in play when it came to making the difficult decision to leave the corporate world. For over the ten years, I had built up my career in merchandising, and I felt that there would be a place for me if I wanted to go back. That was certainly reassuring. On the other hand, doing my own thing felt like something that was an opportunity right now, but may not necessarily be in the future. I had reached a point where I was no longer able to focus on both to the degree that I wanted to, and due to that, I was only disappointing myself in both merchandising and blogging. I needed to focus and make a choice. I saw blogging, and building opportunities around and outside of that, as something new and independent, but knew it may not last forever. After thinking seriously about my long term goals, I made the leap and left the corporate world!


I love a great pair of retro shaped sunnies (as seen in the pic above) and these oval beauties are the perfect peach hue.

“Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.” – Unknown