spring yellow


This spring I am on the hunt for all things yellow (and lilac!). This post from January came to mind!

Question: Now working for yourself, what have been some of the bigger changes you have experienced?

Answer: First and foremost, the pressure to do it all makes it very difficult to turn things off. When you work for yourself you feel an immense pressure to always be ‘on’. Email, social channels, creating content, travel, meetings, it can be an emotional drain and to be honest, I haven’t found my balance quite yet. I would also say I really miss co-workers and the sense of community I felt while at work. I have always worked in creative environments with fun, intelligent, creative, and progressive people who rarely made work feel like work. I don’t have a big team or work in a shared office environment so it can be a bit lonely sometimes! With that being said, I am learning a ton about myself and how I operate in different environments which is invaluable. Plus, I love what I do, and there is no substitute for that!

victoria beckham yellow dress


Be on the watch, this yellow dress will make its debut on the site next week! So excited for more yellow!

“Keep your eyes on the starts and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt