yellow suit


Mellow yellow! Taking a look at all things yellow on the site today, and this full yellow suit immediately came to mind! I love a good bright suit!

Question: Do most of your friends work in fashion or do they work in other fields?

Answer: Luckily, it’s a delightful mix. I have so many friends who work in fashion, but I’m so lucky to have even more fashionable friends. 🙂 I still keep in touch with so many ladies from my RMP (Retail Management Program) days at Gap Inc. and many of them still work at various companies in corporate fashion – from billion dollar brands to amazing high growth start-ups. I also have several friends from my time at Tory Burch who are still working with the company or have moved on to explore careers outside of fashion. Many of my closest NYC friends work in the fashion side of social media, either on their own or as brand directors for leading retailers. And lastly, my three closest friends from college (Go Gators!) are not in the fashion world at all! One works as a speech therapist, one is in public relations, and one is a teacher!

oversized yellow blazer


Speaking of yellow suiting, this oversized bright blazer rings in at only $75 and is great for spring layering! Quick tip – it’s also available in four other fun seasonal shades!

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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