Crisp whites and blues are still high on my list for spring. Johanna Ortiz makes the most inventive poplin tops and this one is still one of my closet all-stars. This post is from August of 2016!

Question: How do you choose who to partner with on Atlantic-Pacific?

Answer: I typically filter partnerships through the following criteria – the brand, the creative, the timing, and the message. Is this a brand that I love and admire? It may be a brand I have worn or used again and again, but sometimes it can be a new-to-me product that I have fallen for. Will the brand allow me putting my own creative spin on the product and/or message to make the creative more unique to my style and aesthetic? Does the timing make sense? Does it work within my schedule with travel commitments and the existing partnerships I have committed to? I always want to strike a balance on Atlantic-Pacific between thoughtful sponsored content and my own point of view. How many other influencers will be pushing this product or message at the same time? I want to feel as though you do not come to my site and see ‘all the same things’ that you may see elsewhere on the web or your social channels. While I do take on a very select number of thoughtfully considered lifestyle, beauty, and spirit sponsors, the message of fashion and style always needs resonate first and foremost. That is the cornerstone of Atlantic-Pacific and always has been. I have been so unbelievably fortunate to establish lasting and trusting relationships with many of my incredible brand partners and cherish the collaborative effort to continue creating content together. I hope that gives you a little insight!

miista taisaa block heel pumps


I ‘m fully on board with the woven shoe trend. I just picked up these light pink beauties this week, and they are now included in the shopbop ‘event of the season’ sale!

“The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” – Samuel Johnson

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