lela rose dress


I’ve never met a floral dress I didn’t like! This dress, and the entire collection for that matter, from Lela Rose, is one of my all time favorites!

Question: What pieces in your closet have you regretted buying? When do you know when to let something go?

Answer: Since I tend to shop quite a bit (and mostly online), I try to put all of my purchases through the following filters: does the price/value equation make sense (does the quality match the price), does it fit well (and if it doesn’t would tailoring be worth it), is it comfortable, will I wear it enough to justify the price, and is it too trendy (i.e., will I not wear it in two months). Of course, every once in a while, I will think an item passes the test and months later will realize that it really didn’t. For example, there have been a handful of designer pieces that I purchased and found to be not as comfortable as I originally thought, wouldn’t be worn enough, or were simply too trendy. The moment I recognize that, I almost immediately donate or sell to the Real Real. If I am not going to wear an item, and it is taking up space in my closet, it is time for it to go!


Looking for something floral, but a bit more unexpected? Loving these boy-meets-girl floral kicks.

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