Spotty dotty! Add a bit more drama to an already frilly look with fringe earrings and bow heels. This post is from back in September of 2016, but check out a more recent polka dot look here!

Question: It looks like you have been traveling quite a bit lately! What type of luggage do you bring on your trips?

Answer: Yes, I have been on the road quite a bit! My luggage choices are largely dependent on how long I am traveling. For trips that are less than three days, I bring a smaller bag that I don’t need to check. Usually it is a carry on from Away or  Steamline, but oftentimes I’ll bring a duffle bag, either my Frank Clegg Signature Travel Duffle, or my Louis Vuitton Keepall. For longer trips, I will also bring a larger case that I can check, either the Rimowa Salsa I have had for years, or my large size Away. Of course, I always have a simple tote with me when traveling, usually the Classic Leather Tote from Cuyana or one of my many basket bags!


Believe it or not, this dot frock is only $45! Perfect with sneakers for a spring weekend look!

“There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.” – Josh Billings