Another day of rain in NYC and I might just jump on a plane down to Miami, where I took this green gingham Pixie Market top for a spin in South Beach last March!

Question: What NYC airport do you prefer? (Believe it or not, I get this question all the time!)

Answer: I must say that I don’t have a preference. It really depends on the flight time and destination. When I lived in the West Village, I loved flying out of Newark as I didn’t have to cross the city for my commute. Now living in Brooklyn, it’s a different story. LaGuardia can be the most convenient, although the flights are more limited, and the construction at the airport can cause problems. JFK seems to have the most international flights, as well as a separate terminal for JetBlue, which I fly frequently for domestic flights. And Newark, although a bit farther now, is still a great option for west coast flights as they tend to be shorter in duration. While I don’t have a preference for an airport, I do have a preference for flight times. While it’s always an early call time, I am usually on the first flight out in the morning. I’ve found that you don’t have to deal with traffic or busy airports and therefore the overall stress level is much lower. Plus, when I land I still have the afternoons for working or settling in. I often prefer to fly back into the city at later times for the same reason. I may be a bit more tired, but I know I won’t have to deal with as many obstacles landing back in the city – at whatever airport that may be!


Speaking of green tops from Pixie Market, this lace one is absolutely stunning! I love the vibrant shade, boxy fit, and scalloped edges. This would be perfect back to skinny white denim or your favorite broken-in boyfriend jeans.

“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.” – Henry David Thoreau