No. 88 // JUNE GLOOM


These recent chilly mornings in NYC have me thinking back to my San Francisco days and the dreaded June Gloom – aka the days where you just throw a lightweight jacket over any outfit and go!

Question: What are your favorite things to do outside of NYC in the summer? I’m looking to plan some weekend getaways.

Answer: Due to work projects and travel, my schedule can be quite erratic, and oftentimes it can be difficult for me to plan true weekend getaways. I tend to try and sneak away or take a day off here and there during the week if I can! That being said, there are so many amazing places outside of NYC to visit during the summer. While unbelievably beautiful, I am not really a Hamptons person. It’s too crowded for me and I don’t find it to be all that relaxing (love visiting in the off season though!). I tend to escape North versus East and have enjoyed exploring the Hudson Valley in NY as well as the southern counties in Vermont. I also spend quite a bit of time in Connecticut close to the Long Island shoreline. My fiancé’s parents have a lake house there and it is a very relaxing place for me to visit. This summer I am also planning a trip to Virginia to visit my parents who have a house in the Shenandoah Valley! My advice for a true getaway is to go somewhere a bit more off the beaten path!


Speaking of San Francisco, I recently received a few nice notes from the ladies I used to work with at Old Navy. I miss that crew! Old Navy always has some of the best lightweight jackets around (probably because of June Gloom in SF!). This one rings in at under $40 and is also available in a camo and a cute dusty pink shade!

“And since all this loveliness can not be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June.” – Abba Woolson