Exhibit A for the Q&A question below…

Question: What trend do you regret trying? What would you NEVER wear?

Answer: I always say that fashion mistakes help you to better understand yourself and learn what you don’t like! When I look back at my style over the course of Atlantic-Pacific, I cringe a bit at a few things. One, how hard I went at the gladiator trend (oops), and two, the various times (while living in S.F.) that I tried to venture into boho/edgy looks that just weren’t right for me. But, experimenting helped me to figure out my true style, so I guess the mistakes aren’t completely regrettable ;). What I will NEVER wear? Never say never. At one point I thought that I would never wear overalls, never, ever do wide legs, and would never wear a block heel. I ate my words on all of those. I am open to anything, because as trends and times change, so does my ability to accept newness. Truth be told, I hate fashion rules, ‘rating people’ on the red carpet, etc. Fashion is meant to be experimental and creative and therefore is totally subjective. When someone’s style is not reflective of what I want to wear, I still appreciate it for what it is, which is their own unique point of view. Being able to look outside of yourself, and your comfort zone, is critical in life, not just in fashion.


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“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” –  Mary Tyler Moore