My hair color is just as important as the colors in my closet. Earlier this year I began using Moroccanoil Color Complete to keep my blonde brighter and healthier. I am always looking for ways to prolong my color to cut down on the number of trips I take to the salon, and Moroccanoil Color Complete helps me do just that. Since starting to use the Moroccanoil Color Complete regimen I have noticed my hair stays brighter for longer with considerably less breakage!

Recently, I have been loving wearing my hair in a low, tight bun. It is such an easy and quick way to do my hair each morning -and bonus – it stays looking chic all day. This style also allows me to cut out the number of days I have to apply harsh heat to my hair. This past NYFW, between the hectic schedule and horrible weather (think blistering heat, then non-stop pouring rain, and lots and lots of humidity), this was my go-to hairstyle. Scroll down to see how I achieve the look!

1. I use Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo and Conditioner each day to keep my hair strong, healthy and blonde! When my hair is still damp, whether I am wearing it back, straight, or curled, I use the Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray.

2. I start styling by using Moroccanoil Treatment Light to create a smooth, sleek look, and to reduce any flyaways!

3. Using a boar bristle brush, I slick the hair back into a low and tight pony.

4. I use more of the Moroccanoil Treatment Light on the loose pony tail before twisting it into a bun. I then secure the bun with six bobby pins around the base of the twist.

5. I finish off styling with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to ensure my hair stays in place all day.

6. If I see any fly aways or loose hairs I will use a clean mascara wand with a light amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to brush them back into place! For a little extra shimmer I like using Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine as the last step before heading out the door!

Thank you to Moroccanoil for partnering on this post.