Last year I posted a little round up of everything I carry-on with me when traveling (you can see it here). While many of the items have remained the same, I am always testing and adding new products to my repertoire. Today, I am providing a quick update to my travel essentials. I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately (more to come!) and these are the items that help keep me healthy, moisturized, and hydrated on flights both near and far. Below is everything I am currently carrying with me while up in the air…

travel essentials atlantic-pacific

HAND CREAM // An old stand by for me (no pun intended). This By Terry hand cream keeps my hands moisturized with just a hint of a rose scent. It never overwhelms fellow passengers!

SLEEP MASK // This pure silk sleep mask is a dream and comes with me on every single flight. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but they also make a dreamy pillowcase. ZZZZZ.

JET LAG MASK // This updated travel sized jet lag mask from Summer Fridays is a lifesaver. I apply a visible layer, leave on for about 15 minutes, and wipe off with a warm cloth. My skin looks and feels instantly renewed.

VOTARY EYE OIL // Avoid bags under your eyes with this intense eye oil. This oil smooths and hydrates the fine lines around your eyes while you sleep.

AROMATHERAPY DE-STRESS ROLLER // I can be a bit of stress ball when it comes to flying. For me it actually isn’t the flight itself -turbulence and rough landings don’t bother me – but the stress of arriving on time, getting through security, etc. are what can get to me! I hate feeling rushed or being late and the idea of the airport makes me feel all of the stress. This de-stress mind roller has been a recent addition and has helped calm my nerves. I lightly roll over my stress points and let the calming camomile make me feel more serene.

EO HAND SANITIZER // Planes can be dirty, dirty, dirty. I am constantly using this travel hand sanitizer, which is the best smelling one I have found on the market. The lavender scent is soothing!

TRAVEL MAKE UP REMOVER WIPES // I usually enter the plane with a full face of make up (unless it is a first thing in the morning flight situation) so make up remover wipes are a MUST. This travel size pack is perfect, but they also make 7 count individual packets as well!

SIMPLE TOOTH BRUSH // Available in a 2-pack for just $7, this simple and sophisticated tooth brush pack is perfect for flights. The brushes feature ultra soft bristles which are great for brushing in the bumpy air!

MOON PEN // I’m new to this teeth whitening pen and will report back results soon. But, I loved the idea that teeth whitening didn’t necessarily have to happen at home. It’s nice to have the option for an instant touch up while on-the-go!

R+R MASK // Another great mask from Summer Fridays! This 2-in-1 R+R mask buffs skin brighter while simultaneously adding a plush mix of restorative oils. Gently massage into your face (and neck!) and remove after 10 minutes with a damp cloth.

BITE LIP MASK // Why should your face get all the love? This intensive lip recovery mask provides hydration and shine. Plus, it’s available in five shades, including a natural! Great for day touch-ups or to leave on overnight.

MOISTURIZING CREAM // The legendary La Mer never lets me down. My favorite face lotion of all-time.