In a yellow mood for high summer! Check out this post from last April for a few additional yellow outfits. You can expect to see more yellow outfits coming your way.

Question: I often get frustrated because the items you wear are either old and no longer available or are sold out. Can you make more of an effort to wear items that are in stock?

Answer: I have addressed this issue in the past, but wanted to re-address it as it does come up quite often. I never want people to feel frustrated when visiting the site, following me, etc. (I am so sorry you are!). I make an effort to re-wear past items for a few reasons. One, it is realistically how I dress, and two, if you are influenced to purchase something I am wearing, I want to help show multiple ways of wearing that item! If items are sold out (or no longer available) I try my best to link to similar items. I want to ensure following me is enjoyable and inspirational so it bums me out when I get feedback that something is frustrating! I hope my answer sheds some light on why I re-wear pieces or sometimes post sold out items. In addition to shopping, I hope when you visit the site you are inspired to style something in a new way, try a new color combination, or perhaps discover a new site/brand. Thank you so much for following along!


A stunning yellow lace dress! I adore the sleeves, ruffle trim, and scalloped hem detailing. I would pair this back to simple slides and a statement earring for an elevated casual look.

“Follow the yellow brick road.” – E.Y. Harburg