Feeling for bright, bright statement making looks at the moment! Revisiting one of my favorite outfits from 2018 that featured all of the tulle and tights and brights. While my style has evolved over the years, the tulle has been a constant!

Question: How do you feel that your style has evolved over the years?

Answer: Great question! I believe the basics to my styling have remained quite consistent over the years. I still love layering, wearing color, and all things feminine with a hint of quirk. And, outerwear and skirts are still my two favorite categories to purchase and style. With that being said, back in my S.F. days, I experimented a bit more – going both a little more edgy and boho at times. While I still experiment today, it is more within a range that still feels more like me, in comparison to eight or nine years ago when I was still trying to figure out what my style would become. I don’t think I’ll ever give in to some of the typical NYC trends, like wearing all black or living in workout gear, but I do think my time in the city (aka getting older) has pushed my styling to be slightly more sophisticated – of course always still with a twist!


Speaking of making statements…this neon pink dress is the perfect summer showstopper!

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