Fall is right around the corner, but let’s be honest, it will still be about 100 degrees for the next six weeks or so. I am living in loose dresses and kaftans – like this embroidered one!

Question: What are your favorite places to travel domestically?

Answer: One of the benefits of living in NYC is that it is so easy to get just about anywhere. Well, you actually have to get to a NYC airport first, which can be an event in itself, but once there, travel is a breeze! I travel to Sarasota most often for a lot of reasons – I have family there, own a house there, enjoy escaping the cold weather in NYC, and just love the gulf side of Florida. I also love to visit New Orleans, Aspen, Napa Valley, Savannah and Charleston! Taos, Jackson Hole, and Nashville are at the top of my list to visit in the next year or so…


Breaking news – I have been totally converted when it comes to hoop earrings! I am loving these rainbow ball beauties – a steal for under $30!

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder