The end of summer calls for lots of easy, breezy dresses. Today I am re-wearing this one from Cult Gaia!

Question: Do you feel like you can get caught up in the comparison game – especially when it comes to social media? I am not an influencer but I still feel myself comparing my family, lifestyle, etc. to others and not feeling good enough.

Answer: I hear similar sentiments quite often. Social media and this new idea of ‘living on the internet’ – whether you are an influencer or not – can be harmful to your mental health and skew your perspective. To say I have never been caught up in the comparison game would be a lie, but over time (I have been doing this for almost ten years now!) I have learned that when those feelings arise, it is time to put my phone down, turn of my computer, and focus on my real life and what is important to me. It is also critical to understand the root of why I am feeling a certain way, and what that says about me and my expectations. I have found that with so many opportunities to compare and contrast yourself against someone else’s ‘highlight reel’, it is more important than ever to have your own goals and benchmarks, and not follow others. This article does a great job breaking down the feelings we have surrounding the world of social media. I hope it helps!


I am a skirt lover through and through. I’m always on the lookout for standout styles that can become closet all-stars. This pleated leopard print midi is currently in my cart.

“Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of yourself in positive ways.” – Jerry Corsten