Thank you so, so much for all your support and kind words over the past two days. The Bow Dress that was released on Tuesday was a total hit and I am so thrilled to be returning to Nordstrom with four more limited-edition collections, the first to be released in October! It goes without saying that so much of this is due to your support – so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you’ll love what we create!

Today, I am answering all the questions I received over the last few days on Instagram and via email regarding the release of the collections. FYI, the above image features shots from last year’s collection. I am not quite ready yet to start sharing the pieces we will have this year, but stay tuned. 😉

On the Bow Dress that was released on Tuesday…

Q: I don’t see it on Nordstrom’s website?!

A: The dress sold out incredibly quickly, but any sizes left would be available here and here. I would also check back in about two weeks as a few returns may occur!

Q: Where/when is the belt available?

A: The red and black belts (I am wearing a black belt with the navy dress) are launching with the fall collection in October! The pink belt is from last year’s collection, but we have a similar pink option also arriving this fall.

On the Fall Collection…

Q: When exactly is it launching?

A: We will announce the launch date for the fall collection at the very beginning of October!

Q: Will it be available in Canada this year?

A: Due to such strong feedback from all of you last year, we will be sending the collection to the Toronto store – woo hoo!

Q: What is the price range?

A: Prices will be very similar to last year with nothing over $250, and most items below $100.

Q: Will there be shoes again?

A: Yes we will have shoes, accessories, and ready to wear. We did not add any new categories this fall but will be adding a few new categories over the course of the year!

Q: Will you showcase the collection similar to last year? When can we expect sneak peeks to start?

A: Yes, yes, yes! I had such a fun time styling all of the looks last year on the site and social and will continue in a similar fashion this year. I will be styling all the pieces and providing a buying guide with fit information prior to the launch. You can expect all of this to come in early October!

Q: Will there be international shipping?

A: Similar to last year Nordstrom will ship internationally. You can read more about the service they use and if you are in a designated shipping area here!

Q: Will there be more skirts?

A: Umm, do bears live in the woods? YES, YOU BET!

Q: Any suiting pieces?

A: Yes, suiting is key in this fall collection!

Q: Will there be any repeats from last year?

A: There will not be any direct re-cuts from last year’s collection as I wanted to focus on new, limited-edition pieces for each drop. But, a handful of the best-selling styles will return with new updates…such as the bow blouse. 🙂

Q: How many pieces will there be in the collection?

A: About 100 pieces!

Q: What will the size range be?

A: All styles will range in size from 0-18 and select styles will be offered up to size 24.

Q: Will you also have a collection for holiday?

A: Yes! I am so, so excited for all the sparkle and shine that is to come.

Any other questions? Ask away in the comments!