A quick round up a few of the things that have recently made my heart sing. From fun shoes, to a stacked necklace, to the coolest new bag, and more. I am loving (and linking) all of the below items!

Charlotte Stone Shoes // So you know I am loving mismatched and two-tone everything right now – as shown most recently in this post. When I found this pair of Charlotte Stone shoes, I just knew I had to have them. They are comfortable, quirky, and colorful – just how I like it. I also ended up getting these as well! If you are looking for a more subdued or minimalist mismatched pair, I am loving these.

L’Alingi Eternity Clutch // While I don’t usually carry evening bags, I am making an exception for this beauty. The perfect mini size with such incredible detailing – this bag is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I also might just have my eye on this little pearl number as well.

Headbands For Days // It is no secret that I love a good headband. I recently found these vibrant styles for only $30 and scooped up all four colors. That being said, this pearl one and this pearl one will remain my forever favorites no matter how many headbands I end up adding to my collection.

Silvia Tcherassi Shoes // Silvia Tcherassi can do no wrong, so when I noticed that she was offering shoes for fall I just about lost it. The are well made, produced in beautiful materials, (hello velvet and feathers) and pair oh-so-well with her entire fall assortment (which is gorgeous by the way).

I Heart It // While I am making a slow return to wearing jewelry, I am not so sure I will go full blown 2012 #armparty again. With that being said, I am loving all of the heart jewelry I am seeing out there such as these rings (as seen in this photo), this ring, and this necklace!

Stacks on Stacks // A dear friend of mine, Aurelia Demark, recently launched her jewelry business (see here) and she was kind enough to gift me this incredibly beautiful pendant. Ever since, I have be inspired to stack my neckline, hence brining back out this David Yurman necklace from several years ago, as well as purchasing this ultra-chunky rolled rope necklace from Brinker and Eliza.