I am kicking off 2020 by recapping my all time favorite beauty products! I have been consistently using all of these products for years! I love – and am fortunate enough – to try lots and lots of new and exciting beauty products, but the items below are the ones that have worked best for me and stood the test of time. For reference, my skin is normal with a slightly oily T-Zone, and my hair is pin straight, colored, and tends to be on the more brittle and dry side. If you have followed for some time and read my everyday make up routine and how I slick my hair back – you have seen all of these products in action! You can revisit those posts here and here.
my all time favorite beauty products

I love having a healthy glow without the hazards of sun damage. I discovered Dr Dennis Gross face and body glow pads through a co-worker and they are now one of most used products. I have used dozens of self-tanner products: from foams, to lotions, to in-shower applications, but these are the only products that I have found that apply evenly and don’t smell like death (admit it, most self-tanners make you smell like a wet golden retriever). These are especially handy during the very, very long NYC winters. Shop face here, and body here!

my all time favorite beauty products

Charlotte Tilbury, as you probably already know, is by far one of my favorite beauty brands. I find the products to be high quality, amazingly consistent, and have incredible pigmentation. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is my everyday face lotion. I like a thick, heavy cream that isn’t too oily – and this one is it!

2012 Blair would be astonished that 2020 Blair gave up the red lip!! Stila ‘Beso’, a bright red, was my go-to for years and years! But, within the past two years, Stila ‘Baci’ has become my new found favorite. This particular Stila liquid lipstick goes on smooth, more like a lip gloss, by dries matte and can pretty much withstand anything.

my all time favorite beauty products

My hair has had quite the journey over the past ten years. From over processing, to too much heat application, I have put my hair through hell. Recently I have focused on less damaging color treatments and maintaining a low bun (you can see the tutorial here) that requires much less heat application than the long, curled locks I used to rock. With that being said, even though I am now blow drying much less, I still want to protect my hair during those few minutes of heat. K√©rastase’s blowdry lotion is necessary for me to ensure my hair stays healthy and avoids breakage while applying heat!

my all time favorite beauty products

Another ode to Charlotte! I LIVE for a good highlighter, and the combination of Holywood Flawless Filter (I wear shade 2), and Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo creates the prettiest, most even glow. I started using these products together three years ago and haven’t looked back.

A perfect finishing touch is necessary to keep all my make up in place. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ is the best setting spray and powder that I have found in the market. I love both, but have found myself gravitating towards the powder more recently – especially being in the Florida humidity.

Miss Manga mascara is one of my favorite drug store finds. This mascara creates super thick, dark lashes – but of course L’Oreal no longer makes the product! I have been stocking up on Amazon lately and buying it wherever I can find it. Meanwhile, I’m desperately searching for a new mascara to love in 2020! Any suggestions?

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