Today I am highlighting some of my favorite Amazon buys. From everyday items, to a few things I just had no idea that I needed, below are a few recent purchases that I have fallen in love with. Take a peek…

THE PERFECT HEADBAND HOLDER // Yes I have a headband problem. I love a great headband and this jewelry storage container that doubles as a headband organizer is seriously my favorite purchase so far in 2020 so. Stackable, lightweight, and inexpensive – I ended up buying four of them (I admitted I had a headband hoarding issue)!

SLEEP SPRAY // Say what? I received a sample of this pillow spray and after one night of using it I knew I would end up buying a full size bottle ASAP. It has a light, lavender smell that isn’t overpowering and is perfect for adding just a touch of a soft scent to your bed linens.

TRAVEL STEAMER // I can’t live without a portable steamer. After going through travel steamer after travel steamer I have finally found one that lasts – and can handle European outlets without shorting out! While this one is a bit more $$$ than some others on the market, it is worth every penny.

TRAVEL BOTTLES // Cheap, easy to fill, easy to use, and easy to clean. Sticking with the travel theme, I recently purchased these to hold my conditioner, body lotion, and a few other liquids while traveling. They are the perfect size and have become a fast favorite.

CHARGING MAT // I decided to FINALLY get a charging mat and join all of you in the future. 🙂 Since I can abandon new tech that I don’t like very quickly, I didn’t want to invest in an expensive charging mat if I found myself not using it and/or not liking it. This one at $10 was an easy purchase that has converted me to becoming #teamchargingmat. I’m not sure that is even a thing, but you get it!

BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD // Since I am constantly on my phone I have found this keyboard to be a lifesaver when I need to answer longer DMs, emails etc. but don’t have my computer nearby! It is super easy to connect and this one folds, so it is easy to thrown in even a small bag.

Some of my other favorite amazon items include this body lotion, these bun bobby pins, these high heel cushions, this headband in million colors, and this rainbow umbrella!