Lately I have been nesting and organizing every last nook in the house. In addition to creating donation piles and thinning out my closet, I am finally utilizing some of the organization pieces I bought earlier in the year for my sunglasses, beauty products, and jewelry. Below I am highlighting some of the organizers that I would recommend!

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I have a lot of sunglasses…I know. I decided to finally get them all a bit more organized (and protect them from scratching) and bought these simple cases. I love that they are lightweight, stackable, clear, and relatively inexpensive!

I also was considering this case and this case but I ultimately went for the clear since I wanted all of the shades easily visible and wanted the cases to be as compact as possible in order to use up as little space as I could!

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I tackled my beauty and jewelry drawers last week (the worst cluster of all in my home). I picked up this tray for my beauty products as well as these stackable trays. For my jewelry I was considering getting something a bit more refined/finished but since most of what I was organizing was costume jewelry I felt like these trays got the job done well enough.

Left (shop here) // Right (shop here)

I love keeping little bowls and marble trays in my bathroom to have a nice little designated spot to remove my jewelry at the end of the day. This little bowl has been with me for years and I recently picked up this marble piece and this marble piece for my vanity. Anthropologie recently released the cutest collaboration with Clare V and I have been eyeing this tray!

I highlighted these functional headband holders/jewelry cases a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with them. I am storing all of my larger necklaces and bigger statement earrings (that don’t fit in these cases) in the jewelry compartments, and of course the headbands wrap on the outside. So far it has worked out perfectly!