As 2020 has been incredibly challenging in so many different ways for all of us, I’ve decided to make a list of some of the small (and big) things that are bringing me joy at the moment. Readers beware: this is about as disordered as a list gets, but the more I thought on it, it felt like the randomness was actually very on brand for this year!

Penny // We adopted a rescue a few weeks back and she is just about as sweet as they come. We think she is about three years old but she still has some of that adorable puppy energy. Having her around the house has been such a nice distraction. I now can’t imagine my life without her! Pre Covid we were traveling so much and didn’t have the capacity to properly care for a dog. Slowing down has changed our priorities quite a bit, and Penny has been such a perfect addition to our little family!

This vacuum // List under things I never thought I would talk about: my love for a vacuum cleaner. Now that we are spending alllll of our time at home, I have found myself more and more consumed with keeping our space clean and tidy. Right now keeping our home clean has been one of the things I feel like I can control…and wow have I been fixated on it. I got this cordless vacuum (to replace our original Dyson that was about 6 years old) and it is a total dream. Easy to use, lightweight, and strong enough to grab all the Penny hairs that have infiltrated our house. 🙂

Moments of joy for so many friends // So many wonderful people in my life have had great reason to celebrate this year. Seeing the joy of those I love who are getting pregnant, engaged, buying a home, starting a new business, and so much more have been such highlights for me. Just recently I just found out a few pieces of amazing news, one of my best friends is moving to Florida (not super close, but now we are only a 3 hour drive away), and one of my favorite people I have met through blogging, Makeda, is now engaged! See her epic announcement here.

A great pair of sweatpants // Many of us in the industry have been talking about this article and what right now means for the world of fashion. I won’t get too deep into it as I have lots of thoughts, but I don’t disagree that right now an easy lounge dress and great pair of sweats are things I never knew could bring me so much happiness. At under $40 these are my favorite sweatpants that I have ever owned.

Humans of NY // This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It genuinely makes me cry, laugh out loud, and generally feel all of the feels. When the pandemic hit Brandon pivoted to start having readers submit stories from home. I was afraid the account would change for the worse but man was I wrong. The recent posts have been some my favorite. This post, this post, and this post are some of the highlights from his new series.

Sockerbit // When I lived in the West Village, we lived right down the street from one of my favorite candy shops, Sockerbit. It is one of those incredible Swedish candy shops with so much variety and I always had the best time scooping my own candy and trying new goodies. It just dawned on me that they also have online ordering! I just ordered for delivery and it felt like such a treat and like a little piece of NYC came to me.

A new book // One of my all time favorite site. ever. in the history of the WWW is Hyperbole and a Half. It is uniquely funny and clever and I remember back in the early days of blogging I would patiently wait and wait for Allie to write new posts. She posted sporadically and was very open with some issues she was dealing with. So, I was sad, but not entirely surprised when she stopped posting quite suddenly. For the first time in SEVEN years she is putting out new work in the form of a book! It launches on September 22nd and I can’t wait to read it! It has been hard to find moments to look forward to with travel, events, show releases, and so much more delayed or cancelled. Thank you Allie – it feels so nice to have something to look forward to! *To be totally transparent, the publish date has been pushed back a number of times, but I am crossing my fingers that 9/22 is the day!

Hello Kitty X Stoney Clover // If you really know me well, you know that I love Sanrio. Growing up I was an avid collector of all things Sanrio, and while Keroppi was my absolute favorite, I truly loved them all.  The newest collab between Hello Kitty and Stoney Clover is like a little piece of the 90’s that I didn’t know I needed right now!

Sleep Spray // Sometimes it’s the little things. I had received a sample of this sleep spray in a PR kit late last year and nothing has ever been the same since (lol obviously a slight exaggeration). It is just the right amount of fragrance for our bedroom. To be honest, I’m not even really sure that I use it correctly! I love spritzing our coverlet and pillows after making the bed in the morning. I didn’t want any heavy fragrances or candles burning in our bedroom, but instead just a light scent, and this perfectly fits the bill.

Running // I can’t remember the last time I consistently ran in ages. I fall in and out of habits, but during quarantine I have been pretty diligent about running five times per week! Running outside in the Florida sun and heat can be no joke and these sunglasses that I just picked up (based on the recommendation of a friend) have been incredible. They stay on in sweaty situations, are incredibly lightweight, super cute, and cost only $25. I bought the Circle Gs!

Artsy // We are still filling our walls with art around here. I am always searching to find new, interesting artists, but knowing where to look can be such a challenge. I recently created an account on Artsy and have been starting to follow a bunch of new-to-me painters and illustrators and will share what I end up purchasing shortly!