Today with Nordstrom I am rounding up and recommending some of my favorite holiday beauty gifts and gift sets. I’ve personally tried all of the beauty products below, and in fact, a few are some of the most-used in my rotation! Some make for the perfect little stocking stuffers, some make for thoughtful gifts for the beauty lover in your life, and some (or should I say all) make for the perfect excuse for a much needed self purchase! Below, I’ve broken up the products I’m loving by price point, and I’ve also included my top picks from this year’s collection of holiday gift sets…

holiday beauty gifts holiday beauty gifts


JUICY TUBES LIP GLOSS // Thick, rich, and available in a range of colors, this product makes for a cute stocking stuffer and is the perfect throw-in-your-bag gloss. I prefer the more sheer shades, but if you are looking for a little color in your gloss, they also have you covered!

STILA STAY ALL DAY // Okay this product has been a mainstay on Atlantic-Pacific since…like 2011?! While I have always gravitated towards the dry matte lipstick, it is more appropriate than ever in 2020. If you are looking for a lipstick that will seriously stay put under your mask, this is it. My two favorite shades are Baci (the mauve color I wear almost everyday) and Beso, a more classic fire engine red.

NARS CLIMAX // I have mentioned a couple of times that sadly, my favorite drug store mascara has been discontinued. I have been trying quite a few of the mascaras on the market, and after testing about 4-5 different brands and formulas, this is my new go-to. Thick, but not clumpy, and with a wand that gives A+ application.

SLEEP SPRAY // Do you have someone in your life that lives for a luxe bedtime routine? Do you? This sleep spray was originally filed under ‘nice to have but not need to have’ (the first time I tried it was as a sampler in a gift bag) but has quickly became one of my favorite household items. It is a lavender mist that is meant to be sprayed before bedtime to help provide a nice soothing nights sleep. I actually spray mine in the morning after I make the bed as well. And, I love keeping it available in our guest rooms along with a sleep mask!

SLEEP MASK // Speaking of sleep masks, this one is the best that I have found for the price. Back when I used to travel (internal chuckle) it was simply an amazing item to have on the plane, and also came in handy when we ended up in a hotel room or rental unit that wasn’t completely dark at night. It also came in handy for when I would inevitably crash mid day after a tough red eye flight.

MAKE UP ERASER // These lil washcloths work like magic removing make up, and have completely replaced my daily disposable wipes! These make great stocking stuffers! I actually purchased a few of these sets to have make up ready cloths in our guest bathrooms!

holiday beauty gifts

UNDER $100

GUCCI BLOOM // I am not going to lie, I was initially drawn to this fragrance for the bottle and packaging (I am a marketer’s dream come true), but now love it for the scent…like you are supposed to! It is a bit heavier than some of my other scents, but being floral still feels feminine and clean. This fragrance makes a thoughtful holiday gift for any scent lover, but also is a great year round scent for yourself!

HERMES LIPSTICK // Okay file this under luxe things I love. While I am perfectly happy with a $15 lipstick, I do like to splurge on an incredibly luxe lip shade every once in a while. While I typically wear a mauve or classic red, I so appreciate when I find an unexpected deep coral shade. If you have followed me for a while you may remember my slight obsession with MakeUpForever #41, which has sadly been discontinued! When I saw this Orange Boite shade from Hermes lipstick it was love at first sight! FYI, you can see it on me here.

DIPTYQUE GIFT SET // This gift set just may be one of my all-time favorites. I love candles and would be so thrilled to receive this as a gift! I purchased this set and broke it up to gift the individual candles (packaged together with other holiday treats) to neighbors, friends, and some of the amazing people who have help us with projects throughout the year!

holiday beauty gifts holiday beauty gifts OVER $100

DYSON HAIRDRYER // A big, big ticket item, but an item that is totally worth it. This hairdryer is fast, effective, and dare I say, fun to use?!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC NIGHT CREAM // I am sure you are all sick of me talking about how much I love the Charlottle Tilbury Magic Cream. It is one of my desert island products, so recently I decided to also try their Magic Night Cream. It is much thicker and takes longer to absorb into the skin, but I have been using for about two weeks and loving the progress I am seeing!

DR DENNIS GROSS FACIAL STEAMER // Okay this is a product I haven’t tried yet, but is actually at the top of my holiday wishlist. I’ve heard rave reviews about how much hydration it adds to your skin and I am so ready to give it a try myself.

LIGHTED MIRROR // This is a true blogger favorite, but with good reason! While this mirror is toted as perfect for selfies and videos, it really is fantastic for simply doing your make up everyday. The lighting settings and magnifying mirror are second to none.

JO MALONE CANDLE // Jo Malone’s newest scent is now available in this incredibly chic candle. I love a candle that doubles as a beautiful tabletop item! This heavenly scent is the perfect gift for any host or homebody in your life.

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