Atlantic-Pacific for Cambridge planner

I have to be honest and admit that I am not that great about setting goals at the beginning of each year. After 2020, I decided I needed to at least set some intentions for 2021, or even just for January and February, to give myself a little kick in the butt. Heading into this year, there are still a lot of unknowns, but I am committed to focusing on the things that I can control!

Keeping a physical to do list and calendar // I find myself to be much more organized and on top of daily tasks and monthly to-dos when I update a physical calendar and keep a weekly list. Last year I partnered with Cambridge to create a really simple, yet effective yearly planner for 2021. You can shop it here!

Get rid of one bag (it can be small) of unwanted items each day for the month of January // On my girls group text thread a friend mentioned that this was one of her goals for the month and I loved the idea. We now have all of our belongings in Florida (a story for another day) and I haven’t properly culled through and cleaned out the items I haven’t been using/wearing in months! I typically try to do this monthly so it isn’t such an overwhelming task, but I’ve been way behind. So far this month I have been donating and selling a ton of items, whether it be clothing I no longer wear, mismatched glassware that has been creeping around in the back of our cabinets, make up that is no longer good, old office supplies…the list goes on and on. Since I know many of your will askĀ  – I donate these items to goodwill or sell on The Real Real :).

Re-work my one, five, and ten year goals // 2020 created a lot of change and has me re-thinking some of my short term and long term goals. I have always had a plan, but have also recognized one of the ways to stay afloat in an ever changing industry, like the influencer space, is to be nimble and flexible. In short, I keep a plan, but also have the intuition to adjust and head in a different direction if the macro environment shifts. The things I will be focusing on in 2021 will mainly be: where I want to reside full time, how I want to grow the business (more product collaborations? a new avenue?) and identifying the brand categories and partners where I hope to focus my energy and effort.

Find a hobby not connected to the internet and not meant to be monetized // One of my biggest passions – fashion – became my full time job and career and I am so grateful for that. In 2021 I am committed to finding other things that I love that can really help me unplug. I have always loved running, interior decorating, and reading but could be spending more time doing these AND attempting to find some new hobbies to add to my list. I am currently down in Florida (I haven’t left since March 7th!) and plan to be here for the foreseeable future. I have my sights set on finding some new outdoor interests now that the weather has cooled off a bit.

Completely finish decorating our space here // I would say I am 90% done decorating our home here in Florida (you can see some images here), but the lingering things I have left to do have been a bit harder to tackle – specifically art work! We still have a few window treatments to install, art work needed in a some spaces (we need BIG pieces so send me any recommendations you have), and finishing touches (tabletop decor, throw pillows, etc.) here and there to tackle. Ideally I’d love all of this all to be completed by end of March! Wish me luck.

While many of these goals don’t follow some of the stringent, more corporate, examples of goal setting (like SMART goals for example) I felt – with such an uncertain few months to come – that this would be a great framework to guide me towards more realistic achievements. I have also committed to examining my goals each quarter so that I have realistic and stretch goals…and I can set new goals as 2021 progresses!