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Look who has her hair down! I know, I know, I am partial to a low, sleek bun, but today I am letting my hair down and talking a little bit about what has helped me to get my hair to a healthier place. A few years back my hair was really quite damaged, fried from harsh coloring, applying too much heat, and simply not using the right products. Two years ago, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to get my hair back to a healthier place which meant less highlighting and keeping away from damaging daily heat. I began playing around with new products and switching up my routine to see what would create less breakage and help my hair to grow. Below I am showcasing a few of the styling products I have been using and my simple six step process for hair down success!

For reference when reading about the recommended products: My hair is fine, washed and conditioned daily, and highlighted about every 10 weeks!

PUREOLOGY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER // I have never been incredibly loyal to one shampoo/conditioner brand or line. In 2020 I switched over to mostly drugstore brands, but towards the end of the year as I started to wear my hair down a bit more, I made a move to Pureology (Shampoo here and Conditioner here) and have noticed a huge difference in the strength and shine of my hair.

BIOLAGE DEEP CONDITIONING // I try to deep condition my hair twice per week and I love trying new treatments and masks. I switch up my deep conditioning methods often and decided to try the Biolage Colorlast Pack after seeing a hairstylist I love on IG give it her endorsement. Sadly, with some masks I notice little to no difference, but this one works wonders without making my hair feel heavy or too weighed down.

BRIOGEO TREATMENT OIL // I have found treatment oils and heat protectants to be the products that have transformed my hair the most. This Briogeo treatment oil is super effective and just a little bit goes such a long way! I use this on my damp ends and on the crown of my head – the two places I tend to see the most breakage.

IT’S A 10 LEAVE IN SPRAY // After applying the Briogeo treatment oil, I apply the It’s a 10 leave-in spray all over my hair. This spray, which was specifically created for color-treated hair, in addition to the heat protectant (next step below), helps to detangle and pump up the shine in my hair.

KENRA HEAT PROTECTANT // This intense heat protectant spray would be my desert island product! Kidding, since if I were on a desert island, I would not be blow drying and curling my hair, but you get the point! My hair despises heat, and when I am styling or curling, I generously apply this protectant spray all over to minimize the amount of damage. Years ago, I never applied heat protectant, deep conditioned, or used any serums or oils and my hair paid for it dearly. Times have changed!

SEXY HAIR VOLUMIZING HAIRSPRAY // Similar to my deep conditioning treatments, with hairspray I am always switching it up and finding new products to love.  In Florida, where it can be particularly humid, I have found this firm and fast-drying hairspray to keep the best hold! It is a heavy hold, but still soft to the touch and never sticky once my curls have been brushed out!