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A few months ago I shared tips on how to style a midi skirt. Today I am back with another “how to style” post and this week’s topic is wide-leg pants! I love a good pair of wide-leg pants. They can be dressed up, dressed down, ready for the beach, or ready for a night out on the town. I recently picked up this pair of wide-leg denim and it had me thinking about all the endless ways to put together a wide-leg pants outfit. Whether you prefer outfits full of flair and drama (guilty) or you like to keep it simple, it’s possible to create a wide-leg pants outfit for every personality.

Today I’m going to share some tips on how to successfully style wide-leg pants. Of course, I will also highlight some of my current favorite pieces. I’ve included styles ranging from under $100 to investment pieces that are sure to charm your pants off!

Are Wide-Leg Pants in Style

floral wide leg pants

I feel like whenever I highlight a specific piece of clothing I get the inevitable (and understandable) question “Are they in style”? And yes, wide legs are making a big comeback right now. I feel like pants and jeans are all currently becoming more relaxed, roomier, and wider. I am sure you have seen that GenZ has officially declared skinny jeans and pants out of style. Hence, the pendulum swings back to wider fits after an era of the skinny jean reign. But rest assured, if you are still a skinny jean lover, they aren’t going anywhere. I have always said to wear what you love. Don’t let anyone (including me) convince you that you need to change your style or that you HAVE to buy something new in order to replace something you still love!

Tips for Creating a Wide-Leg Pants Outfit

After wearing skinny jeans and pants for so many years, you might feel all out of sorts when it comes to styling a wide-leg pants outfit. If you’ve found yourself wondering “What do I pair with wide-leg pants? Can I pull this look off? Will I look like a sloppy clown?”, take a deep breath. There are lots of tops that pair nicely with wide legs, you can pull it off, and if styled properly you will look great! As a start, here are a few tips for creating a wide-leg pants outfit.

  • It’s all about balance and proportions. If the pants are loose and long, you will want to balance them out with more structure on top.
  • With that being said, some of my favorite tops to complete a wide-leg pants outfit include fitted tops, crop tops, structured blazers, or button-downs and blouses tucked into the pants.
  • Test out different wide-leg styles. What looks great on me might not be the best fit for you (and vice versa). If you’re petite, a high-waisted cropped pant can make your legs appear longer. For other women, a long and loose pair of wide-leg pants might accentuate their body best. Sometimes it takes a little experimenting.
  • If you’re worried about looking sloppy, try cropped or high-waisted pants paired with a tight or tucked-in top. These combinations tend to provide the most structure.

Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

Okay, now on to the fun part! There are so many different ways to create a wide-leg pants outfit, I could go on and on. But, for the sake of keeping things short and sweet, I’m going to highlight three of my favorite outfit ideas today.

Wide-Leg Pants Set

Ahhhh you knew I wouldn’t have a styling post without highlighting some sort of head-to-toe print or matchy-matchy look! I think a whole-body matching outfit, whether it be a monochromatic color, or a continuous print or pattern, is such a chic, yet foolproof, way to create a stunning look. 

If you’re a fan of tropical prints, this pant and top set is colorful and fun. If you can’t resist a stripe, this pant and top set is a great option. And for all of my linen lovers, this pant and top set is beautiful for spring and summer. Personally, I have been super into brown combos lately, so this top and these pants have caught my eye. 

I love the versatility of these wide-leg pant sets. Obviously, they look great paired together. But they can also be paired with different bottoms and tops for multiple outfit options. Either way, they would all go great with a pair of raffia platforms, a summer hat, and a great rattan bag. For more matchy-matchy outfit inspiration, check out these spring sets I’ve been loving and these green monochromatic outfit ideas.

Wide-Leg Pants with a Statement Top

Since wide-leg pants create such a clean shape, I always enjoy pairing them with a fun statement top and earrings. I don’t think it’s any surprise I like to go for the real WOW factor (this pants outfit and this one are just a few examples!) I especially love the statement top and wide-leg pants combo when it involves color blocking.

Recently these purple pleated pants caught my eye. I think pairing them with this lilac top and these statement earrings would make such a pretty wide-leg pants outfit. I love a great pink piece and these pants are on my list. They would be perfect with this incredible top or this peplum one paired with these pink and green earrings. Wanting to make a statement with a fun print? I love these abstract-print pants and this ruffle one-shoulder top paired together.

Simple Wide-Leg Pant Outfits

Looking for a more streamlined way to create a wide-leg pants outfit? How about a simple tank and gold hoops or a classic button-down and dainty jewels? For a look like this, I tend to opt for a clean and simple pair of shoes and a minimal bag. 

Personally, I would love to combine these neon wide-leg pants with my favorite $5 tank and these gold hoops. If you are into neutrals, I would suggest pairing these white pants (15% off with BLAIR15) with this striped linen button-down. Last but certainly not least, you could mix it up with a great wide-leg jean, a chic tee (only $13), and this fun tote that is now on sale!

Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Inspiration

wide leg denim

A wide-leg pants outfit is a classic wardrobe staple that is easy to style and available at just about every price point! I love brainstorming different ways to style pieces, sharing how to combine fun colors, and showing cool ways to accessorize outfits. My hope is that posts like this inspire you to try something new or even shop your own closet. While there is no doubt a shopping component to this site and my social media, at the end of the day, I hope you leave here feeling inspired. And that you keep coming back for more “how to” outfit ideas while discovering new designers and great shopping finds along the way!