Housewarming Gifts for Friends: My Tried & True Favorites

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Over the past few years, my friends have had so many exciting life changes – one of those being MOVING! Like Andrew and I, many people that I’m close with relocated during the pandemic. Recently, some friends have reconsidered those moves and are moving back to big cities or to where they were in 2020. All of these fun changes provide a great excuse to celebrate (not that an excuse is ever needed!) Today I am compiling a list of some tried and true housewarming gifts for friends. Whether you know a friend moving into his or her first apartment, a couple purchasing their first shared home, or a friend relocating, these housewarming gifts are my favorites to give and to receive!

Best Housewarming Gifts for Friends

It’s common courtesy to bring a gift to a housewarming party. However, even if there isn’t a party, I always like to bring something special when visiting a friend who has recently moved. It’s a thoughtful gesture to celebrate an exciting life change! I’ve found that housewarming gifts for friends don’t have to be anything large or extravagant. But oftentimes, the best gifts are ones tailored to what the recipient will most enjoy. Therefore, I’ve separated these gift ideas into categories based on the recipient’s personality. A bonus is that many of them extend perfectly to host or hostess gifts as well! 

For the Friend Who is a Cozy Homebody

It is a housewarming gift after all, right? So, let’s kick it off with some of my favorite items that make your house smell divine. At the very tippy-top of my list is this diffuser, which I recently featured on my Nine Things I’m Loving List. I swear by this product and have given it as a gift countless times. It is such a beautiful scent and I love that it can fill your home without being overpowering. I typically wrap the box in this marbled paper, which is to die for!

Candles are always a hit! And although I haven’t tried this candle (yet), I am deeply intrigued. Nest products are great and the wicker-wrapped touch on this one makes it even more special. I would add in one of these glass match cloches as the perfect finishing touch. 

Art and decor can be extremely personal. But, sometimes personal items make the best housewarming gifts for friends! If you’re buying for someone living in NYC, Palm Beach, or Nantucket, I love these clever pieces of matchbook art to celebrate a favorite restaurant. And if your friend is a fashion and art lover, these prints by Blairz might fit the bill! I own three of these and especially love the NYC-specific prints that remind me of the buzz of the big city. 

For the Friend Who Loves to Be in the Kitchen

While I am no chef, I do love a bougie kitchen gift. Two of my most-adored kitchen items are my Red Clay Hot Sauce Spice Kit and my Brightland Oils. It’s no surprise that both of these showed up on my Mother’s Day gift guide this year! These kitchen items make great housewarming gifts for friends, whether they’re a true chef or an amateur (like me!) I pretty much love all of the Brightland Oil flavors that everyone raves about. But, if you’re shopping for someone who has never had them, I would suggest the Lucid (a bright lemon flavor), the Rosette (a great garlic flavor), and the Ardor (a spicy one).

Does your friend love a morning cup of joe? I highly suggest Blue Bottle Coffee, a brand I fell in love with back in my San Francisco days. To complete the gift, pair these coffee beans with a set of my favorite double-walled mugs, which are as cute as they are functional.

For a friend who is more into wine and cheese, I love this checkered cutting board. Paired with a nice cheese from your local cheese shop, it would make a thoughtful (and very tasty!) housewarming gift for friends. Locally, I love Artisan Cheese Shop – check out my list of favorite places in Sarasota for other local recommendations!

For the Friend Who is Forever Entertaining

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for friends who enjoy entertaining, these posts on summer tablescapes and year-round tablescapes have some great ideas. Additionally, I wanted to highlight a few of my all-time favorites!

First up, is this glass and pitcher set that looks WAY more expensive than the price tag. I own the flamingos and I gifted the palm trees to my mom, who loves them! Either style would go perfectly with these colorful coasters.

If you choose to bring a bottle of wine or champagne as a housewarming gift for friends, cocktail napkins are a great add-on. I have a longgg running list of favorites, but some of my top napkin picks right now are these with kitchy cowboy boots, these featuring the sweetest little bows, these with a personalized touch and these that are perfect for the martini lover. If your friend has a great sense of humor, these cocktail napkins are the ones you need. And if you want to opt for something other than cocktail napkins, I would go with a chic wine stopper, like this one!

For the Friend Who Loves the Outdoors

Looking for housewarming gifts for friends who love the outdoors? And by “outdoors” I mean sitting poolside or on the patio enjoying a glass of rosé! When we closed on our Florida house, so many sweet friends sent us thoughtful gifts for the outdoor patio and pool. These were the perfect gifts since we had never had an outdoor space before! One of my favorite gifts we received was these unbreakable wine glasses. They are seriously the best in the market! I have them in white, but it looks like they are currently only available in clear. Another favorite housewarming gift we received was this rattan ice bucket. We use it all of the time and it looks great sitting out on our deck!

If they are lucky enough to have a pool, there are some great ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful! These beautiful beach towels, these fun floating pool lights, and this rattan floating pool tray would all make wonderful housewarming gifts for friends! 

Personal Housewarming Gifts for Friends

If you know the recipient well enough, it’s always nice to bring something a bit more personal. Some of my favorite ideas include a customized puzzle featuring a picture of the new house, a custom watercolor painting of the new home, or a personalized champagne bottle

Another sweet idea is to give them a gift certificate to a restaurant in their new city or town. This will allow them to try out new dining options, which is always fun! You could also book them a photographer for a special portrait session at their new home!

Favorite Housewarming Gifts

If you’ve found yourself with a friend or two (or more!) moving into new homes, I hope these housewarming gifts for friends have been helpful. For additional gift ideas be sure to check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, gifts for the homebody, and my favorite beauty gifts.