Fisherman sandals continue to trend this season! I have accumulated quite a few pairs including this pair styled above and this pair (seen here & here). I love how many different options are available this spring from dressy to casual. Today I am breaking down the trend as well as the styles I am loving for spring.


The fisherman sandal is believed to have originated as far back as the Roman empire. While no one knows exactly when the shoe was introduced, most agree they were indeed created to be worn by fisherman. The easy, comfortable design features lots of open weave, making these particular shoes quick to dry out. The style spread quickly throughout the world through international fishing and shipping expeditions. Finally, just this last century, the shoe went mainstream in fashion, being introduced into everyday, casual wear. 


In 2022 the shoe really became a trend highlight. While the popularity started with many high-end brands such as the Row and Prada, now in 2024 these are tons of options at all different price points. Some brands have kept the shoe a little more in line with the ancient fisherman sandal. Others have modernized the shoe with new, fun materials, platform soles, and updated weaves. I even love that the sandal has been reimagined as a mule – just see this one here!


The trend returned to the mainstream due to its popularity in the luxury space. Some of the most popular versions of the classic sandal are this version by the Row and this version by Gabriela Hearst. If you love the look of the Row and still want a high quality, luxury shoe, I would check out this pair at about half the price. These are investment items at these price points, so I would really only buy if you know you will be wearing these for many seasons to come. Remember, the cost per wear rule is key!

One thing I should mention is how oddly versatile fisherman sandals can be. So many of the fashion girlies are wearing these into fall with socks and tights! So don’t get stuck thinking these shoes are only for spring and summer. If more of a fashion angle is what you are looking for I would eye these and these! The platform makes them feel much more modern and I love mixing these up by styling them with more dressy skirts and dresses. 


Okay, I think the fisherman silhouette is now here to stay, but if you are feeling like it is more of a trend and don’t want to spend big bucks there are lots of styles available for under $150. My personal favorites are this style that feels reminiscent of the Prada shoe and this style that feels like a perfect everyday pair. If you are looking for a mule style of the fisherman under $150 check out this pair! Looking for more color? Check out these precious lilac fisherman sandals. There are even some great under $50 options such as these, these, and these!

Since there are SO many pairs to love I’m linking over 20 under $150 options below to consider. And, if shoes are your thing don’t miss this post on my favorite ballet flats and this post on how to style the very cool and of-the-moment Adidas Gazelle sneaker.