I love unexpectedly finding two items in my closet that can suddenly make the perfect pair. The shade of camel in this CMEO coat matched back so well to the M.Gemi flats. This post was from exploring Monaco in December of 2015.

Question: I would love to know where you get your hair done in NYC. Or, do you have any other hair recommendations in the city?

Answer: I have been going to Arrojo since moving to New York in the Spring of 2012. Zach, who works out of the Soho and Williamsburg locations, is my colorist. I have been doing blonde highlights with a glaze for the past four years but just recently switched things up and added low lights with hopes of going just a bit darker. Hopefully the grow out will be less harsh and I can go just a bit longer between appointments! I still keep the frame of my face quite bright as well as the ends. Zach is so highly skilled and is an incredible listener if you are looking for something specific, but can also help guide you if you just can’t articulate your thoughts. Outside of his amazing talent, creativity, and tenure as a colorist, he is also a wonderfully kind person. He is the best!


Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for simply, yet graphic accessories, and this mirrored metallic stud earring set from baublebar made its way into my cart this week!


“If I had my life to live over, I’d have fewer meetings and more rendezvous.” – Robert Brault