I don’t find myself in denim all that often, but when I do (like in this post from this past September) they are typically Madewell or Current Elliott!

Question: Where do you find inspiration and/or how do you go about putting together a look?

Answer: Admittedly, I can be a bit all over the place when it comes to putting together my looks. For me there is no ‘everyday formula’ per se, but for the most part I start with either a color I love or a statement piece that I am dying to wear. I am simply not the type of person who can hop out of bed and be ready within 15 minutes. When I am getting ready it is somewhat a trial and error period – meaning my bed usually ends up with about 15-20 items piled on it before I can make my final decision and get out the door! Oftentimes I will start out with one piece I love, but then after layering and mixing and matching, I don’t even end up wearing the piece I set out to include. I also cater my looks to a few variables. One, do I need to be comfortable (I am walking a lot or will I be wearing this from 7am until midnight)? And two, am I truly hoping to make a statement (aka be extra)! If I need to be comfortable, I typically start with shoes to make sure I have flats that go with whatever statement piece or color I am looking to wear. If I am looking to make a statement I typically go the ‘more is more’ route and add extra accessories or maybe even a second coat. 😉


Speaking of denim, Madewell just came out with these high rise drop hem jeans. Happy to report that they have already been ordered and are on their way to me!

madewell denim

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” – William James