Some of the more frequent questions coming out of my home tour (see part one and part two) have centered around artwork! Who are the artists? Where have you found the pieces? Lately, I have been spending some time searching art retailers online for pieces we still need for the house, and I have found myself really enjoying the process. While I normally stick to fashion and style, which is totally subjective, the same can certainly be said for art. Below I am highlighting five talented artists that I love as well as a five of the art retailers that I have been perusing. Hope you enjoy! As mentioned, I am still hunting for several new pieces, so if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment for me.

pooja pittie

Image via Pooja Pittie

Pooja Pittie 

Pooja Pittie was born and raised in India and moved to the U.S. in 1999. After received an MBA from University of Chicago, a career in Finance and Entrepreneurship followed. It wasn’t until a few years ago, in 2016, that she decided to focus on painting full-time. In the few years since, she has been exhibited at Art Miami and EXPO Chicago, and has been nominated for the 3Arts Visual Art Award and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Pooja has a progressive form of muscular dystrophy and her painting process explores the changing relationship between an often slow body and the active mind. I feel so fortunate to own one of her incredible pieces, it was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Image via Jen Wink Hays

Jen Wink Hays 

Believe it or not, I was first introduced to Jen’s work when I noticed a painting in the window of a furniture store in SoHo. It was the evening, and unfortunately the furniture store was closed, so I took a grainy picture of the piece and later asked my friends Google and Instagram for help in tracking down the artist. To my delight, I found Jen Wink Hays! Jen is a painter and sculptor living in Philadelphia, by way of New York City, and is originally from a coastal town in Maine. Her signature painting style is characterized by her use of bold color palettes that blend earth tones with neons spread across unpredictable visual fields.

Image via Vicki Sher

Vicki Sher

Vicki Sher’s work always brings a smile to my face. I really enjoy her colorful paintings that feature clashing circles and semi circles – they often remind me of my eclectic and equally colorful sunglass collection! Her “Paper Giants” collection, which is an ongoing series of large-scale works on paper, is another favorite. Vicki has had solo exhibitions for years at the Frosch & Portmann Gallery in NYC.

kimberly z. artwork

Image via Kimberly Z.

Kimberly Z.

Kimberly Zuckley is a fine artist based in Mobile, Alabama. She creates stunning original figures and florals as well as animal hide and reptile print motifs. Kimberly sells her original art as well as textiles and prints at her online shop. I was introduced to Kimberly Z. through my mom. She owns several of her pieces, my favorite being the collaged oyster that hangs in the guest bathroom at her house!

Stephen Ormandy 

Stephen Ormandy is an Australian artist who graduated from University of New South Wales. His artwork plays with positive and negative space and search for balance through contrast. Stephen produces large-scale oil paintings, as well as sculpture, both based on his signature aesthetic of color and form. Fun fact: Stephen is one of the founder’s of Dinosaur Designs, the incredible design company that produces jewelry and home wares. You can see me wearing Dinosaur Designs here, here, and here! Stephen is an independent artist as well as the Creative Director of Dinosaur Designs – so cool!

Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective is an e-commerce platform that connects emerging artists with collectors. The collective supports these emerging artists in a variety of ways, be it exhibitions, strategic partnerships, and residency programs. The art world online can be quite overwhelming to navigate and I have found their site to be the exact opposite. A few of the pieces that I have love are Ethan Caflisch’s “Felt”, Divine Southgate-Smith’s “Sculptural Relief” print, and Marleigh Culver’s “Desert Winter” print. Tappan Collective also has an entire section of 1 of 1 original works that I’d encourage you to check out as well!

Soicher Marin

Soicher Marin is a third-generation family business creating works of art since 1959. They source their art from dealers and artists from around the world, and each piece is made to order using water soluble, environmentally safe inks. Their exclusive archive of prints is constantly being updated, but among my favorite series are the Conde Nast “Vogue Covers”, Tobi Fairley’s “Printed Sets” (I have the six piece Pink Wash set in my living space, which you can see in my home tour here), and of course, the iconic Slim Aarons prints. You can find many of Soicher Marin’s artwork pieces available for sale online at One King’s Lane as well as Perigold.


If you are looking for photography art for your home, LUMAS is an incredible destination. In addition to photo art themes, the site also offers a wide variety of fine art prints. The LUMAS portfolio features over 3,000 works of art from nearly 250 artists. The pieces are available in Limited Editions (hand-signed) as well as infinite print runs. Two that have caught my eye are Daria Petrilli’s “The Lady of the Ibis” and Edward B. Gordon’s “Contemplation”.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is one of the largest online art galleries in the world. From paintings, to drawings, to photography and sculpture, there is truly something for everyone. They also offer free art advisory if you need any help whatsoever! A few of my dream pieces on their site are “T165” and “T119”, both by Heurlier Cimolai Frėdėric, “Colorfields” by Cécile van Hanja, and “Vital March” by Terri Dilling. I also think “Labyrinth” and so many other of the leafy pieces by Marianne Hendriks would look so beautiful in our Florida home!