A decade of Atlantic-Pacific

We are celebrating a decade of Atlantic-Pacific! On April 19th 2010 I posted my very first outfit on blogspot.com. With a simple point and shoot camera, San Francisco as a beautiful backdrop, and hardly any social media yet to speak of, Atlantic-Pacific was born. Over the past ten years there have been ups and downs, style changes, hair transformations, incredible trips (which I cherish and appreciate so much more right now), lots of partnerships that I have adored, and a few careers transformations as well. While so many things have changed over the years, my love for fashion and style (and color!) has never wavered. Whether you began following ten years ago, or just ten days ago, a huge thank you is in order. We have all come together to build an amazingly chic community that is centered around the love and appreciation of fashion and style.

All of your kind comments, hilarious DMs, and thoughtful e-mails remain the highlights of my days. And your likes, clicks, and shares have opened doors for me and provided opportunities beyond my wildest imagination. It is so very hard for me to put into words exactly how honored and grateful I am for all of you. Thank you for ten years of unwavering support, and here is to another ten years of Atlantic-Pacific!

A year-by-year review from each of the last ten years of Atlantic-Pacific…

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