There are quite a few new readers here so I thought it would be fun to do another round of 30 random things about me! My original post is here from last year!

  1. I can’t stand ranch dressing or mayonnaise.
  2. My middle name is Elise. Blair Elise Eadie.
  3. I am a night owl.
  4. I love Gushers – my favorite snack. Second favorite? Goldfish.
  5. For the past 4 years I have worn Stila ‘Baci’ almost every day.
  6. The Mendoza region of Argentina, Northern Ireland, and Morocco are all on my travel bucket list.
  7. Growing up I worked at a doctor’s office, a spa, at Starbucks (in the mall!), a real estate office, Wet Seal, a catering company, and at Saks Fifth Avenue. After college, Gap Inc. and Tory Burch.
  8. My first designer bag was the Gucci Horsebit Hobo – I still have it!
  9. I had never tried sushi until college. In college my girlfriends and I would have Sunday sushi dates. To this day I still crave sushi on Sundays.
  10. I just got my driver’s license back after 8 years of not driving (don’t worry nothing happened, I just didn’t have a need for it in NYC and let mine lapse). Meep meep.
  11. I took a bowling class in college and I don’t think my parents will ever let me forget it.
  12. My worst habit is pulling out my eyelashes. Gross, I know.
  13. In high school I competed in Track & Field/Cross Country and also played Lacrosse.
  14. While I love both, I prefer a pool over the beach.
  15. I’ve lived in the West Village, NYC and more recently in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn but miss Manhattan.
  16. My favorite T.V. show is Law & Order SVU. I have a huge crush on Mariska Hargitay.
  17. I love the summer and being hot. Sometimes I turn on car seat heaters even when its warm outside.
  18. Currently, my three favorite Instagram accounts to follow are the dogist, alfie the alpaca and upworthy.
  19. I got stitches for the first time in my life last summer. A bottle was dropped and the glass cut my foot.
  20. While living in San Francisco, my best friend and I wanted to be roommates, but also wanted our own space. Our solution was to move into separate apartments in the same building. Problem solved!
  21. My dream car is a Fiat Jolly.
  22. I am a Gemini, but don’t really believe in anything zodiac related.
  23. My birthday is May 27th – I am turning 35 this year!
  24. My first job in corporate Merchandising was managing men’s basic socks and underwear at Old Navy HQ. Thrilling times.
  25. I am a horrible dancer and an equally horrible singer.
  26. I love crushed ice.
  27. Tokyo and Paris are my favorite cities to visit.
  28. I don’t like anything near my Achilles tendon. For some reason it really freaks me out. In NYC, if someone has a pushcart behind me I have no problem crossing the street as I am convinced it will be run into the back of my leg.
  29. I always paint my own nails. I do it nearly twice a week.
  30. My celebrity crushes are Matthew Gray Gubler, Cillian Murphy, and Charlie Hunnam.